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Robin B.

“I never knew how much money I was losing with my old bank whenever I used an ATM. Radius reimburses fees from ATM’s worldwide and now I look forward to getting the cash back every month!”

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Lauren L.

“The Rewards checking account with cash back every month has helped me ditch my credit card and debt!”

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Henry S.

“The free ATM’s worldwide is something crazy and unheard of. It’s the best feature anyone has ever had and when I tell friends about it they just can’t believe it. As a result, I’ve made Radius my primary bank.”

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Mark N.

“I’ve never experienced a bank like Radius before. I am so happy that I made the switch to an online and mobile bank!”

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Zoe M.

“With my account at Radius, I get paid two days earlier than my co-workers and it is the best!”

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Sam K.

“Every day I get excited to use my Radius debit card knowing that I am getting 1.00% cash back.”

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Amy R.

“I’m so glad I opened a checking account with Radius Bank. It’s been my BEST banking experience by far! Your customer service is excellent. I love the mobile deposit feature, the transaction alerts are super helpful and it’s just been a great experience all around. Whenever I’m talking “money” with my friends and family, I always tell them about how much I like banking with Radius. Thanks so much for everything!”

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Kara F.

“Radius Bank is the best bank I’ve ever worked with! They are so quick and kind to respond to any inquiry and the free worldwide ATM’s feature is awesome.”

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Billy C.

“My experience with Radius has been exceptional. Everything from online bill pay to mobile check deposit has been smooth and easy. I had a question when setting up my account and the customer service folks were super helpful! They even called me back a week later to let me know the fix had been made. It’s the most responsive experience I’ve ever had with a bank. Thanks!”

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Melanie Z.

“I’m so glad I switched to Radius! The higher interest rate was why I switched originally, but I enjoy being able to do everything online. I believe that Radius also has exceptional customer service representatives. Any time I need help, they are so helpful.”

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Matt C.

“Radius is not just a regular bank. Radius has helped me set and maintain my financial goals, choose a smart life insurance plan, and introduced me to Autobooks, a helpful financial resource for my start-up company.”

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Zack F.

“It’s hard to find a bank that is as progressive as Radius! I am happy with my decision to open both a checking and savings account here.”

  • Headshot of Radius Customer Female
  • Headshot of Radius Customer Female
  • Andres G.
  • Joseph S.
  • Monique R.
  • John M.
  • This is the bank I’ve always wanted. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, and the customer service is impeccable. I never have to wait long to speak to someone to get help. Plus, the free ATMs worldwide is an absolutely incredible feature.

    David D.

  • I just opened a Checking account within minutes. GREAT user experience so far. Sign-up was seamless, and even submitting a check was very, very easy!

    Susan L.

  • “I like having all fees resulting from ATM use reimbursed to me, no matter how often or how little I use ATMs. I also like it that there is no cap on how much these reimbursements can amount to.”

    Andres G.

  • “This representative was extremely kind, courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. She was successfully able to resolve my issue quickly, and was very kind and attentive during the process. This representative sets a great example of what excellent customer service is.”

    Joseph S.

  • Best banking experience I ever had hands down

    Laura H.

  • The unbelievably kind and helpful customer service team is one of the main reasons I bank with LendingClub.

    Michael F.

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