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How to Grow Your Small Business

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Let’s say you are introduced to a friend named Dan. Dan is the founder and owner of a new clothing brand, and his store was finally able to open up this past year. The first year with a new business is never a walk in the park, but Dan has fought through the hiccups and he is starting to see his hard work pay off. More and more people are starting to show interest and he is now even thinking about expanding his store so he can fit more inventory and employees.

There are several reasons why Dan is hesitant to make this move, the biggest one being his fear that he won’t be able to manage an increase of money coming in and going out. He doesn’t want to bite off more than he can chew, but he is eager to try and make it work. Dan has been able to manage so far on his own, and he has enjoyed having control over his own money and experiencing a fee-less process. So what should Dan do? 

Dan needs a physical point of sale system that is simple to set up and move around, and will allow him to accept all types of payments from his new customers. Dan needs Clover. Clover is an all-in-one POS system that supports small businesses with payment processing and business management solutions. The Clover system will help Dan organize his money and funnel it straight into his Tailored Checking account. Clover allows him to accept physical card payments from his clients, in just one swipe the money will transfer to his account. Dan’s Tailored Checking account offers unlimited ATM fee rebates, no monthly maintenance fee for balances over $5,000 and no minimum balance requirement after $100 to open. With the combination of Clover and LendingClub, Dan has the support his business needs to grow. 

Looking to use Clover for your small business? Clover offers several different point of sales systems to accommodate your specific business needs. Learn more about Clover and the four different system options here.

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About the author

Alain Glanzman

With years of experience in business, Alain is the Vice President of Small Business Banking. Alain understands the connection between banking and business and focuses on small businesses growing their deposits.