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Take a Break from Work – It’s Time to Travel

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The last year has been difficult for a lot of us, but as we start to look ahead, many of us have a newfound appreciation for the casual hang-out with friends and the idea of traveling for vacations. For business owners it might feel wrong to take the time off, but if there’s anything you deserve after the last year of uncertainty, it is a vacation with your friends and family.

Even the boss needs to take time off, so why not take advantage of this summer’s travel hotspots and enjoy what we missed out on this past year. Here are 5 options to consider.

1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

If you are looking to travel to Massachusetts, choosing the summer months to do so will allow for a much warmer experience. Cape Cod is made up of 15 different small towns, all offering either a beautiful beach to relax on or a nautical downtown to explore.

2. Baltimore, Maryland

Another hotspot located on the water is Baltimore, Maryland, home to the delicious crab meat and a beautiful inner harbor view. Spend a week, or even just a weekend, walking downtown or taking the water taxi to historical spots or restaurants on the harbor.

3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Looking to do some tourist activity and learn more about our country’s history? Philadelphia, PA is the perfect spot for you and your family to visit to go back in time and enjoy the historical city. Visit gardens and walk through parks, and definitely make a stop at a local sub shop to try the famous Philadelphia steak-and-cheese subs.

4. Orange county, California

If you are looking for miles of beaches to relax on for next your vacation, you should consider Southern California. Although many cities are experiencing a wave of tourists, Orange County is expecting many to join their famous fairs and their beach-side resorts this summer.

5. Orlando, Florida

Now if it’s a memory you want to make with your family, Orlando is the place to visit. Whether you opt to visit the Disney Parks or Universal Studious, or even just stay by the pool all day, join the other families looking to escape their normal lives and enjoy the warm weather this summer.

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